What's Magnus Effect you ask?  Magnus Effect is the band that I sing and play keyboards for that was formerly known as Owl.  We decided to change our name since that were lots of other bands calling themselves Owl.  After a lot of new name ideas we decided to go with Magnus Effect.  We cannot wait to play  our newest material out now that we have a full lineup as well as me playing keys full time now.  You're in for some great new prog!

Magnus Effect



Drummer, singer, instructor, composer.  Associated with MONSTROSADUS, Magnus Effect, The Eight Fifteens, Mark Mikel, and  The Scott Thompson Band. Owner/operator of Liberation Sound Studio in Liberty Center, OH.

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Monstrosadus have officially begun tracking for our upcoming concept album (Title TBA).  We have gone into our home studio (Liberation Sound Studio) once again will be working hard to get this released ASAP.

Monstrosadus in-studio

After playing several fill-in gigs with The Eight Fifteens, I have become an official member taking over duties on the drums.  I am excited to be playing with a very hard-working and active band!  Check out my "Tour" page and come see a show!

The Eight Fifteens



The 2nd annual Mark Mikel Ultra-Concert at The Maumee Indoor Theater. Including musicians Chris Herin (Tiles), Ian McCormack (Marikesh), and Zak Freed (Zunk), this will be a show to remember!

Proud to announce the release of my first DVD!  This will be Vol. 1 of my series called Conundrums, featuring in studio footage of the drum tracking sessions for the Monstrosadus album. Includes the entire album.  Available at my store located on the "music" page.



I was featured in the September 2014 issue of Rhythm Magazine as part of a round table discussion that took place aboard Progressive Nation at Sea 2014.  I was joined by Periphery's Matt Halpern, Animals As Leaders' Matt Garstka, as well as many other big names in drumming.  It was a dream come true to say the least!

Rhythm Magazine

Conundrums Vol. 1 DVD

Mark Mikel LIVE!






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